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About us



Mutual trust, as our priority for working with you, gives us the footing to be your powerful support.

We are GŰRLICH VÍTEK & PARTNERS, a law firm created by a team of experienced attorneys-at-law providing legal services since 2002. We have advised more than 1,500 clients, including both domestic and international corporations, public entities, individuals, cooperatives and homeowner associations. 

Our specialization covers various areas of law, from commercial through civil, family to criminal, which allows us to provide professional legal advice in a broad range of legal issues. Our attorneys make up an experienced, effective and balanced team drawing from extensive expertise in various areas of law. Our goal is to always find an individualised, pragmatic solution to a specific problem or situation.

Our law firm also works closely with notaries, private bailiffs, tax advisors and appraisers, which helps us provide our legal services all under one roof.

Our work is built around several fundamental values which drive the quality of the work we do, the nature of our communication, and our overall approach to work. We build our cooperation on these three pillars:


To deploy our legal competence effectively, we really need to understand our clients in depth. That helps us treat you with empathy – we can see the situation through your eyes and find a tailor-made solution for you.


Time is money and we are aware of it. Our legal services are expeditious and they safely prevent any kind of delay. We start acting once you contact us.


We appreciate your trust and in return offer reliability to accompany you through the entire process of your case. We will stand behind you, cover your back, protect and stand up for your interests throughout our cooperation.

Only this approach combined with mutual trust as a priority makes it possible for us to offer you comfort and effective support.