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Mgr. Tomáš Růžička

Mgr. Tomáš Růžička


Legal specialization
General legal practice focusing on:

  • Civil law
  • Real estate
  • Family law
  • Commercial law

Tomáš Růžička has been working in advocacy since 2014 and became a partner of our law firm in 2022. As part of his legal practice, he provides general legal advisory services, specializing in civil law, real estate, family law, representation before courts and administrative authorities, commercial law.


His clients include natural and legal persons. In civil law, he focuses on the contractual agenda, in addition he successfully represents clients in court proceedings. In the field of real estate, he provides comprehensive legal services to real estate agencies and natural persons in the transfer of ownership of real estate, and also cooperates with developers in the implementation of development projects. Tomáš also provides his clients with legal services in the field of commercial law, where, in addition to legal services related to its day-to-day operations, he specializes in company transformations.

Czech, English
University of West Bohemia, School of Law, 2014