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DLT and Cryptocurrencies

“Crypto-legal” has been one of the pillars of our law firm since 2012 – a long time before cryptocurrencies became a hype. Our “crypto-competence” ranks us among highly recommended law firms within the “Law Firm of the Year” awards in the area of IT. 

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We have advised our clients in their cryptocurrency mining efforts, equipment purchases abroad worth tens of millions of dollars, proprietary hardware and software development, as well as pool mining. We provide advisory in the areas of related intellectual property, development contracting, cooperation with mining equipment manufacturers, and we also work with clients in fintech with an overlap into distributed ledger technology (DLT) and/or blockchain. 


We offer our clients in this area end-to-end advisory comprising of legal, financial and tax issues both from the Czech legal point of view and the broader perspective of European Union regulations and those of its member states with an eye to the worldwide nature of our clients‘ business.


  • Cryptocurrency mining and pool mining
  • Cryptocurrency mining centre operations
  • SW development for cryptocurrency mining and related services
  • HW development and manufacturing for cryptocurrency mining and related services 
  • Custodial wallets and management of third-party funds and portfolios
  • AML and KYC compliance for all cryptocurrency projects
  • E-shops with cryptocurrency aspects
  • General commercial terms using cryptocurrency aspects 
  • DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies)
    • End-to-end legal advisory for new and established DLT-based projects
    • Process automation through smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
    • Regulation of payment services and exchanges
    • Contracts, agreements, and internal process design
    • Consumer advisory (investment into cryptocurrencies and trading in cryptocurrencies at cryptocurrency exchanges)
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and selling tokens
    • Financing new and/or established projects
    • Creating broader-use tokens
    • Regulation of security instruments
  • Personal data protection, including GDPR, for all types of projects
  • Cryptocurrency inheritance
  • Using cryptocurrencies in your business and general legal advisory for cryptocurrency transactions (accepting cryptocurrencies in your business, loans, and other cryptocurrency transactions)
  • Cryptocurrency tax aspects (income tax, VAT, and more)